Project 52 - Second chance

9 Sep 2011

This weeks theme for Project 52 was Second Chance. The group is half way through the project so the idea of this week's theme was to pick a theme from the previous weeks and give it a second chance, this could be one you've missed out on or one that you feel you could have done a little better.

I was so happy with this weeks theme as I only joined the group two weeks ago (week 25) and there were so many past themes that I would have loved to have joined in on (great idea Stacey!)

Out of all the themes there was one that I kept going back to, Strange Behaviour. Uni my little Jack Russell has a number of strange things that she does so I knew it would be a good theme for me!

Among her other strange habits Uni loves to snuggle under blankets, throws, towels, anything she can get under! She creeps into my bed at night and snuggles under the duvet too. She loves it!

I'm really loving being a part of the Project 52 community, I get so excited every Friday to see everyone else's photos and It's a great way to catch up on everyone's blogs too!
Now head over to Brindle Berry to see what theme Holly Montgomery decided to give a second chance this week. Keep clicking through the blog links until you end up back here!

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Jenny Froh said...

Oh my goodness... she is just precious!

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